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Dread the sundown

A blind belief will give me wings to fly through these nights
Cause I was born to terrify your kind and shun the light
There's something wicked your way comes
I am the one you 'll turn to when your fucking hope is gone

Dread the sundown

Obsessed with the moon, when sun has died my sickness stayed
Plagued with the darkness within, I know all my debts are payed
There's something that's already written and already spoken
I'll cast my curse on you so we will be judged by the same token

Dissecting promises, I'm left with loads of misfortune
A process of erasure, you'll choke on your own pride
The smell of burial ground and rotten souls
I inhale the foul smoke and taste the glorious filth

The ecstasy of demise
I love the soft feel of dead bodies
I'll fuck your daughter
Before slitting her throat and then bathe in her blood
I'd like to torture you and your kind
Take your family hostage
Your wife and your children will come first
So you can watch 'em suffer

I am the bringer of death and dishonour
My mission is bound to destroy your lives
Byproduct of your perfect lifestyles
You know I am what you wish you could be

We're made of the same substance dreams are made of
So dread the sundown
We're made of the same substance dreams are made of
So dread the sundown

Dread the sundown


from Hurt Yourself And The Ones You Love, released April 17, 2015


all rights reserved



Forgotten Tomb Piacenza, Italy

Born in 1999 as a occult Black Metal band, FT became mainly popular for being among the true originators of the Depressive Black Metal subgenre (later stylized as DSBM) with its first 3 classic albums "Songs To Leave", "Springtime Depression" and "Love's Burial Ground". Later on the band explored increasingly wider territories, mixing their trademark sound with Rock, Sludge and Punk overtones. ... more


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