Vol 5: 1999 / 2009

by Forgotten Tomb



5th full-lenght album of the band celebrating its first 10 years of activity.

Double live in studio with re-recorded versions of old songs, medleys, cover versions and 1 then-unreleased song.
All tracks were re-recorded in one studio session with partially different lyrics and arrangements.

Originally released by Avantgarde Music, Southern Apocalypse Rec. & Moonlight Records.


released August 16, 2010

Recorded live at Moonlight Studios in Parma, Italy during February 2009.
Mixed at Moonlight Studios between March and April 2009.
Mastered at Elfo Studio in Piacenza, Italy on April 2009.

All music & lyrics by F. Marchisio except where noted.

F. Marchisio - All Vocals / Rhythm Guitars
T. Scassa - Lead & Clean Guitars
A. Comerio - Bass
K.N. Rossi - Drums


all rights reserved



Forgotten Tomb Piacenza, Italy

Born in 1999 as a occult Black Metal band, FT became mainly popular for being among the true originators of the Depressive Black Metal subgenre (later stylized as DSBM) with its first 3 classic albums "Songs To Leave", "Springtime Depression" and "Love's Burial Ground". Later on the band explored increasingly wider territories, mixing their trademark sound with Rock, Sludge and Punk overtones. ... more


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Track Name: Black Sabbath [Black Sabbath cover] / Subway Apathy
As a desolated subway
As an empty city street
It takes me away
Towards oceans of concrete

A grey walk into the void
Through faceless humans
Nauseating melancholy
Suburban distress

Lifeless as my jaded eyes...

Pitch black misery
Dead leaves in rainy afternoons
Cold - Cold sidewalks at night
Frozen by bleak neon lights

Lifeless as my jaded eyes...

Our sight is broken by a train
This time I know it will be the last one
A reflection of the subway (Inside your eyes)
Waiting for the last train
of this endless night

Lifeless as my jaded eyes...

To fade into the dark
To run away towards another grey
Another grey suicidal day
Subway Apathy crawls in me

Pale grey walls
Dark landscapes of iron
Deep inside my soul
Track Name: Solitude Ways
Last night I walked again that soil,
places in my mind
Remembrances as cold pieces of glass
Blood red stained mirrors
lie broken upon the floor
A time so far - Something we can’t recall

I'll take your hand towards the night
within the realms of the unlight
You won't forget the day
when you cross the solitude ways

Deserted houses - Haven of mine
Tombs under eternal fog and frost
The pool of blood is turning cold,
as I watch my reflection
becoming red as December's dusk

I'll take your hand towards the night
where feeling dead just feels alright
You can't avoid the day
When you reach the solitude ways

You're gonna live the meaning of departing
To die alone in the night
as tears flow with the rain

Loneliness, coldness and bloodlust
Alcohol, razorblades and the same old places
Blood, tears and semen
the only human things will be left in me?

I love the night and its loss of life
Joy rots inside the wastelands of my heart
To roam alone towards the nothingness
To a sunless place where silence dwells
Track Name: A Dish Best Served Cold
Sickness inside of me,
another night to dream your killing
Unpunished- Filled with self-esteem
My Goddess will be grateful

Naked bodies hacked to pieces
Sweet women' faces twisted and mutilated
Tied to a rope in the dark of these rooms
Force-fed with blood and cum

My vision of heaven is the vision of hell itself

A raving point of exit, the destruction of every dream and hope
Today's youth discomfort - Fuel for the Propaganda engine
I'll slaughter your future and rape your new-born children
You don't exist, you never existed

My art is made of gore and entrails
Paintings of cruelty to design your unexisting lives
Your breath is dying out frame after frame
This movie is no more blue
We painted blue with black and flesh with blood-red

You suffer your hell on Earth

To jerk-off as they cut you to pieces
To zoom on your agonizing desperate eyes
To stare at your now eternal looks of terror
Your lives never meant anything to me.

To look at your empty faces
dressing your own dead-skin masks
To think of your dreams I butchered at birth
No one is innocent

No one is innocent

Now I finally consumed
my dish best served cold
You fucking die, I become God.
Track Name: Disheartenment / Alone / Steal My Corpse
Lying in a dark corner
The black candle light is dying out
Trying to refuse this suffering
As coldness burns your pale naked flesh

You faced your fears a thousand times
Endless doubts - Life of paranoia
You try to find a way out
From this state of suicidal urge

You watch with empty eyes the blade
As tears begin to fall down your face
Another night alone with yourself
At one with melancholy and depression

Loneliness arises from the past
You will not bear this torment longer
As you try to hide the painful tears
Frustration increases in your soul

Reminding when you felt so high
Feeling nausea in your lungs, suffering
You try to sleep to ignore this madness
But this bed now feels like it's your own tomb

Now you know it's all too late to save you
You keep on dreaming of past years
You can't feel this warmth anymore
They turned your existence in a terminal disease

You know all you once called life ends today
As joy disappears forever, flying far away
All emotions inside of you are dead and gone
You can't stand this silence, but now you're alone
You are alone

Where did they go when you needed them?
Never again

Steal my corpse, motherfucker
Track Name: Daylight Obsession
I watched into the burning sun.
My eyes filles with obsession.
An eternal walk towards nothing.
An empty road, as long as my eternal sickness.

I watched into a dead horizon.
My blood falls into the sun.
My thoughts drown into emptiness.
Stench of death in the air.

The sickness of a summer afternoon.
My sticky flesh covered by insects.
A dream of naked bodies dying on meathooks.
The smell of your slaughtered whore-meat
rotting under a painful sun.

Your last stop - Dead end.
My twisted visions revealed to you.
You'll never understand
this ravishing desire for demise.

Hanged dolls, sing-song.
Bones swinging endlessly.
Hot winds of a funeral day.

I walked through the same old walls.
I smelled the same old dust.
Dust of forgotten times.
Dust of shallow lives.
Track Name: Papercuts [Nirvana cover]
When my feeding time,
She pushed food through the door.
I crawl towards the cracks of light.
Sometimes I can't find my way.
Newspapers spread around.
Soaking all that they can.
A cleaning is due again
A good hosing down

The lady whom I feel maternal love for
Cannot look me in the eyes.
But I see hers and they are blue.
And they cock and twist and masturbate!

I said so

Black windows of paint,
I scratched with my nails.
I see others just like me.
Why do they not try to escape?
They bring out the older ones.
They point at my way.
The older ones come with lights.
And take my family away.

And very later I have learned
To accept some friends of ridicule.
My whole existence is for your amusement.
And that is why I'm here with you!

I said so
Track Name: Spectres Over Venice
Lost among those waves
Brought to you again
A splendour of decadence
Still feels like I've been here before

Mesmerized, spirit-like
Through dark paths at night

Like a Kinski nightmare
A ravishing atmosphere
Melancholy enthroned
When carnival is gone we're all alone

In the darkness
Shipways are silent, only the wind howls
And the echoes of ghosts
Screaming voicelessly to me

Mesmerized, spirit-like
Through dark paths at night

Like spectres over Venice

Laguna arise and take my grief away
Her breeze caresses me
and leaves my soul to wander forever

I wonder what this cold life
Will bring on my way
How things will be
When I'll walk through this city one day
One day
Track Name: Love's Burial Ground
Love's burial ground...

You abortion of life
You cherish all the things you're livin' for
Your only pitiful victories
in your pathetic existence

Drowned in your well-being
Your hapiness won't be eternal
My hate for you is longer than life itself

A strong will to erase your earthly existence
The desire of cutting your wrists
And let you die bleeding

Without identity- A worthless subhuman being
Another waste to increase your sickening race
I'm just waiting for the punishment due
I'm just waiting to piss on your desecrated tomb

The vision of my face in your dying eyes
Your useless prayers I will not hear
You beg me to save you
As I put your head down into the burial ground

I'm shivering down my spine
The ecstasy of buried love finally is mine.
Track Name: Entombed By Winter / House Of Nostalgia
Observe the snow under which
I lie with empty eyes
Losing life, remembrances of cries
Frozen images of last sick days
The forceless body hanged
shows me ill-fated ways

Recalling desolation, no one cried my death
The acrid taste of rotting takes my breath away
My violet lips covered with frost
The paleness of those walls is lost...
It’s fucking lost

The winter grows cold
It takes me into the frame of dust and old
The silence in me...Please Death set me free

Fallin' upon my buried coffin, the snow freezes my last smile
And the tears are crystallized
But the pain remains in me

Still and cold and dead- My body lies under the ground
A withered flower falls on me, upon the ice of my grave

Entombed By Winter...

Take me away, take me where I'm born
Embrace me in your inhuman angst

Tonight I dreamed it again
The place where I constantly wander
So far and wrapped in darkness
It stands as the incarnation of my obsessions

My soul is leaving my body once more
As I enter those wretched ancient walls
Corridors of post-mortem existence
I breathe the evilness
of dark deserted rooms

The smell of distant places in my dreams
Nostalgia, take me home...
Track Name: Scars
Once more you're there
This life burned out fast
Faded pictures of yesterday
My best and worst memories
Will be forever here

Another night - Bleak fading lights
You're growing old with them

Burning grief now consumes you
You're turning to dust

Another day - Is turning grey
Some nights you burn your pictures

When you come home
from these useless days
And you dream of past joys
Then you fall again into loneliness
And your blood streams in remembrance

When you grieve into darkness
And your scars release blood
Sometimes you would have wanted to die
To leave at last good memories of you

A desert inside
Cold blue dust is falling on your eyes
You're flying away
Dreaming of those bittersweet days

Now you watch these opened wounds
For every cut you lose another fear
All of us are painful scars,
drops of blood falling
in an endless sea of sadness.
Track Name: Depression [Black Flag cover] / Feedback
Right here, all by myself
I ain't got no one else
The situation is bleeding me
There's no relief for a person like me

Depression's got a hold of me
Depression- I gotta break free
Depression's got a hold of me
Depression's gonna kill me

I ain't got no friends to call my own
I just sit here all alone
There's no girls that want to touch me
I don't need your goddamn sympathy

Depression's got a hold of me
Depression- I gotta break free
Depression's got a hold of me
Depression's gonna kill me

Everybody just get away
I'm gonna boil over inside today
They say things are gonna get better
All I know is they fuckin' better

Depression's got a hold of me
Depression- I gotta break free
Depression's got a hold of me
Depression's gonna kill me

Depression's got a hold of me
Depression- I gotta break free
Depression's got a hold of me
Depression's gonna kill me

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