Darkness In Stereo - Eine Symphonie Des Todes

by Forgotten Tomb

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Free download live-album recorded in April 2012 at Kings Of Black Metal festival in Germany.
Audio taken from the official band's DVD of the same name released in 2014.
A physical CD copy of this live was later released in the limited box edition of the "Hurt Yourself And The Ones You Love" album in 2015.

The DVD is available in the following formats:

- A5 DVD digi book
- A5 DVD digi book with postcard with all ban members' signature and a poster, numbered and limited to 200 copies.

ORDER: www.agoniarecords.com/index.php?pos=shop&lang=en&section=search&what=darkness+in+stereo&x=0&y=0


released April 19, 2014

All music & lyrics by F. Marchisio.

F. Marchisio - All Vocals / Rhythm Guitars
A. Ponzoni - Lead & Clean Guitars
A. Comerio - Bass
K.N. Rossi - Drums


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Forgotten Tomb Piacenza, Italy

Born in 1999 as a occult Black Metal band, FT became mainly popular for being among the true originators of the Depressive Black Metal subgenre (later stylized as DSBM) with its first 3 classic albums "Songs To Leave", "Springtime Depression" and "Love's Burial Ground". Later on the band explored increasingly wider territories, mixing their trademark sound with Rock, Sludge and Punk overtones. ... more


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Track Name: Springtime Depression (Intro)
Track Name: Reject Existence
Submit to me, worship me
Let me crawl under your skin
Like a needle in your vein
Injecting perversion, spreading disdain

Obey to me, follow me
Let me show you what I see
Your words to me count less than zero
Slit your wrists, become a hero

Drown into abuse, life is a sore
Your body trashed, fucked like a whore
Exit purity, welcome corruption
Orgasm into the womb of perdition

Reject existence

Listen to me, trust in me
Let me infect your well-being
Masturbate to the thought of death
Longing to experience your last breath

Glorify me, adore me
Let your departure finally be
Abandon your family and kill all your friends
With open arms embrace your own end

Fuck this existence and fuck this world
Reject the will to live and grow old
Deny your future, refuse tomorrow
Eliminate your source of sorrow

Reject existence

Despise the living, support your own death
Destroy your life, accept no regret
Welcome the negative, oppose no resistance
Remove this burden, reject existence

Reject existence.
Track Name: Shutter
Shutter – where have you gone when the storm has come?
Run away as always, your pride asleep won’t hurt
I’ve seen a thousand faces, all void as yours
I’ve seen a thousand lives, all gone as yours

Now – the curtain falls
Upon the deeds of yours
And leaves the bitter taste of absence

Shutter – where have you gone when your turn has come?
An empty seat remains, the stench of coward fills the air
Another teenage angst, another waste of life
The prototype of failure, a human piece of junk

Now – the curtain falls
Upon the deeds of yours
And leaves the bitter taste of nothingness

Shutter – close your eyelids to the world
So you cannot see what you became
A prisoner of life

A prisoner of your own life.
Track Name: Solitude Ways
Last night I walked again that soil,
places in my mind
Remembrances as cold pieces of glass
Blood red stained mirrors
lie broken upon the floor
A time so far - Something we can’t recall

I'll take your hand towards the night
within the realms of the unlight
You won't forget the day
when you cross the solitude ways

Deserted houses - Haven of mine
Tombs under eternal fog and frost
The pool of blood is turning cold,
as I watch my reflection
becoming red as December's dusk

I'll take your hand towards the night
where feeling dead just feels alright
You can't avoid the day
When you reach the solitude ways

You're gonna live the meaning of departing
To die alone in the night
as tears flow with the rain

Loneliness, coldness and bloodlust
Alcohol, razorblades and the same old places
Blood, tears and semen
the only human things will be left in me?

I love the night and its loss of life
Joy rots inside the wastelands of my heart
To roam alone towards the nothingness
To a sunless place where silence dwells
Track Name: Todestrieb
Piles of flesh buried by years.
The sands of time are covering our eyes.
Jaded by life. This nausea keeps going on growing.
Aborted visions of tomorrow.

These nights are endless.
And the wind will bring us the coldness of depression.

A life I cannot face.
Their voices fill this dark emptiness.
Desolated vastlands. The broken wings of a fallen bird.
This beauty I'll find becoming a rotten body.

Time here has stopped.
A new dimension out of space.

Last exit for paranoia - Infinite despondency.
My blood is dripping down the drain.
To fade into the embrace of dusk.

To hear the distant sound
of children laughters.
To take Her hand and drown into utter darkness.

Take me away from this suffering.
A life I cannot face.

These nights are endless.
And the wind will bring us the coldness of depression.
To fade into the embrace of dusk.
To take Her hand and drown into utter darkness.
Track Name: Spectres Over Venice
Lost among those waves
Brought to you again
A splendour of decadence
Still feels like I've been here before

Mesmerized, spirit-like
Through dark paths at night

Like a Kinski nightmare
A ravishing atmosphere
Melancholy enthroned
When carnival is gone we're all alone

In the darkness
Shipways are silent, only the wind howls
And the echoes of ghosts
Screaming voicelessly to me

Mesmerized, spirit-like
Through dark paths at night

Like spectres over Venice

Laguna arise and take my grief away
Her breeze caresses me
and leaves my soul to wander forever

I wonder what this cold life
Will bring on my way
How things will be
When I'll walk through this city one day
One day
Track Name: Disheartenment / Alone / Steal My Corpse (medley)
Lying in a dark corner
The black candle light is dying out
Trying to refuse this suffering
As coldness burns your pale naked flesh

You faced your fears a thousand times
Endless doubts - Life of paranoia
You try to find a way out
From this state of suicidal urge

You watch with empty eyes the blade
As tears begin to fall down your face
Another night alone with yourself
At one with melancholy and depression

Loneliness arises from the past
You will not bear this torment longer
As you try to hide the painful tears
Frustration increases in your soul

Reminding when you felt so high
Feeling nausea in your lungs, suffering
You try to sleep to ignore this madness
But this bed now feels like it's your own tomb

Now you know it's all too late to save you
You keep on dreaming of past years
You can't feel this warmth anymore
They turned your existence in a terminal disease

You know all you once called life ends today
As joy disappears forever, flying far away
All emotions inside of you are dead and gone
You can't stand this silence, but now you're alone
You are alone

Where did they go when you needed them?
Never again

Steal my corpse, motherfucker

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